Mr H. Ford

My Chassis Shop

This is the history of my hobby.

My first real car in 1982 was a 73 Mach 1 and decided to have a roll bar installed just like my 68 Shelby KR's.

I was working as an apprentice mechanic back in 1983 when I decided to put a 351 Cleveland in a 1981 Ford Escort body. I priced a roll cage and realised I could make one for less. I built a 2" x 3" frame, added a Mustang II front clip and hung the 8" rear. Over the years I changed the engine / trans combo a few times.

In 1984 a friend approached me and asked for a cage in his Dart, that became a 14 pt cage and a complete frame from the torsion bars rearward.

He was so impessed I later did an 85 Mustang GT for
him with a 6 pt.and my style of "REAL" frame connectors,

then an 81 Z28 6pt and REAL frame connectors.

His next car was a 1970 Z28 which required a rear quarter to be removed the rear frame pulled, the trunk floor was staightened and the new quarter panel installed along with a 6pt and frame connectors.

I have specialized in Mustang (Fox) and Camaros. I have perfected my swing out door bars along with optimum placement. I have engineered in energy absorbtion and anti-intrusion features for maximun street safety.
Later I went on to axle narrowing and supplying "Strange" axles, U.S. Gears, AVO coil overs/spring and 4 link/ladder systems.
1985 Pontiac Gran Prix 350 SBC TH350 5.43 9"
MFC installed 10 pt cage, rear frame kit, narrowed 9" housing, AVO coil-overs, strange axles & spool, Bears ladder bars

1976 Chev Laguna S3 350 SBC TH350
MFC installed 6 pt rollbar, wheel tubs & trunk floors

My wife's 86 Mustang 4 pt bar and frame connectors

Mikes 84 1/2 Mustang GT 4 pt rollbar and frame connectors

85 Mustang GT 6 pt rollbar and frame connectors
Our frame connectors support the floor where the competitors budget connectors rely on the floor to support them

We installed a complete overhaul kit in Nathen's TopLoader 4 speed.
Street racing is alive and well in Canada ------------.C.I.D.R.A.

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